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January 2015

Famiglia Bentivoglio

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Review Trip Advisor, Rossella Bentivoglio, July 2014,Milano ITALY

We went to visit Istanbul last July and stayed on Hebeliada at the Boutique apartments in The Karamanyan for 4 weeks.  We are two adults and our 11 year old daughter Giulia and we shared the apartment with Giula’s classmate and her Mum. It worked out perfectly because the apartments are enormous so its a perfect solution for two families sharing – and for the price its amazing. These are no ordinary  holiday apartments in Turkey, best of all is the fact that it is a 200 year old historical building,  then there’s the interior which is so fresh and modern but with all the original detail still there – this makes it a pleasure to hang around and feel at home in – all the white goods are top of the line and beautiful marble surfaces on the kitchen counter – the attention to detail is great and its full of extra plates, glasses pots and pans etc so you don’t feel like its a rental property where every small item is on an inventory – that makes the whole place feel relaxed to me. It’s probably the best self-catering apartment we’ve been to having traveled all over Europe and also over to the states using sites like holiday lettings and airbnb.

We loved staying on the island because it was so relaxed and safe – the girls would go off and wander around and made friends with the kids next door so by the end of the holiday they had really made a great big gang and lots of new friendships – which for us is what holidays are all about (with children).

And then of course there’s the cultural side of Istanbul – what a treasure trove of a city, it’s vast and eclectic and every last square inch of it is full of people and busy, I’ve been all over the world but I have to say that Istanbul is truly unique and in my top 3 cities. We will definitely go back again and stay at The Karamanyan apartments – the manager ‘Nazan’ speaks perfect English  and although she is Turkish she has lived for 15 years in Holland, so really has a European vibe and sense of humor – we made a great friendship with her and her husband Omer and they told us how to order off menu at the local tavernas and also which ones have the special dishes like ‘Rockfish Salad’…

We Love Istanbul and we love the Islands – really can’t wait to go back!!

The pic bellow is of the day we went to visit the Blue Mosque and wore headscarfs to get in – great memories. xxxx


‘V’ Magazine

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This is yet another striking fashion editorial by Mario Sorrenti, capturing the vibrancy that sets Istanbul aside from any other city in the world.V Magazine

Vogue – The Silk Road

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Istanbul is once again the backdrop to a stunning fashion editorial photographed by Mario Testing. The story takes us on a journey around Istanbul reflecting the Opulent designed interiors, busy streets where the collision of east meets west makes the ultimate festival for the eyes and taste buds, ending on the very ferry you take to get to our apartments! Perfect, thanks Mario & Kate!