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April 2017

Top video production company great price

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Looking for a top video production company for a great price?


We had the great pleasure to work with beast video production company. We found them on Google by searching for ‘video production companies London’. They weren’t on first page but we kept flicking through and soon found them. Their website stood out amongst the rest, mainly because of the work they are showing but also because of the overall presentation of their website. It’s a very user friendly website and invites you to keep reading to find out why they are a top video production company and at a great price.


What makes Beast stand out from the top production companies list?


Beast offer creative development, as well as video production. This was perfect for us because we already had an idea of what we wanted to do and several references of the direction we wanted to go. Our taste and approach was very similar to most of the work on their showreel so we knew we would be in good hands. But it wasn’t until the first meeting where we met with Creative director Victoria Taylor and Director Lawrence Jacomelli that we really got to see their vision and approach would not only mirror our own ideas but raise them to a whole new level.


Our first meeting was all about sharing ideas and getting to know each other. It was a very relaxed and enjoyable experience. It didn’t feel at any moment that they were trying to rush us or that our project was just another video for them to put on their reel. It was clear from day one that they would put all of their time and energy into making our video production their top priority. And as a top video production company London; it was really inspiring to think that they were willing and able to do this with our video. We didn’t have the smallest budget but it certainly wasn’t huge, but their approach was perfectly professional.


Regarding the budget, if you are looking for a top video production company for less, then just call Beast. Beast asked us in our first meeting ‘how much do you want to spend?’ They gave us some indications about the varying costs for different videos they had produced and this helped to give us an idea of what we could expect and what we should be ready to spend on this, our first content production. So after we gave them a figure they then came back with a final script, treatment and plan for our content production. It really was as simple as that. We signed off the production and then began the preparation.


Beast kept us in the loop the whole way feeding through propositions for locations and actors too. Finally everything was presented to us in a document called a pre-production – meeting booklet. We had a final meeting with them to discuss all the final details and to give our final approval. Everything was very similar in the PPM booklet to the treatment, so we had a very good idea about what to expect when we agreed the project and then before shooting we could see that everything we had been promised was now about to be delivered.


The shooting itself took them two days and our team was able to attend at the end of the second day. The mood on set was extremely relaxed but efficient, everyone knew their role and there was no waiting around between set-ups. The camera never stopped rolling. It was amazing. Film sets are notorious for being sleepy hollows with moments of action and drama. We had one interruption when it started to rain, but our amazing video production company London kept on rolling. Setting the camera to high-speed they took full advantage of the conditions and filmed our actors running from the rain and taking cover, laughing, as they get soaked. This turned out to be one of the best scenes in the film. And in the end, the team thanked us for giving them the creative freedom to ‘just get on with it’. We realized that without knowing it, Beast had gained our trust and it had paid off big time, the results of their video production was much more impressive and in depth than their original treatment. We had no idea this would be possible and are delighted to recommend Beast production company London to anyone wanting to make creative digital content production for less.