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July 2018

Southgate Timber Review

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Should I trust Southgate Timber for my next online order of timber?

I recently bought over 2000GBP of Yellow Balau Hardwood Decking from Southgate Timber and now feel it’s important to share my review of Southgate Timber so that all future customers can stop and think twice before making an order from Southgate Timber.

I went online and searched for hardwood decking. That lead me to Southgate Timber and I watched several of their how to videos and learnt some really useful tips for decking installation. Watching these decking videos made me trust the company and I didn’t think about checking the reviews of Southgate Timber hardwood decking. I wish I had the timber they sent me was awful and I would not have bought my hardwood decking from Southgate Timber, if I had only taken the time to read just a few of these Southgate Timber reviews.

When my timber arrived on time I was really happy with the customer service up until that point. But then it came to the time where I started to install my yellow balau timber from Southgate Timber.

Piece by piece I started to discover a huge amount of woodworm in the yellow balau hardwood timber. Some planks were riddled with it. See this picture bellow.

In all I estimate that half of the wood had wood worm, or as Mark Jennings from Southgate Timber told me, it’s known as pinworm. Mark also told me that in the small print it is stated that it is in their right to sell the customer wood that has been affected by pinworm.

So at this point I was already half way into my installation and now learnt that they had it written in their terms and conditions that i could not return the wood even though it was full of pinworm holes.  So I continued with my hardwood decking installation and as I went deeper into the pile I found wood that was warped and also severly water marked. It was like a nightmare because it kept unravelling and becoming worse and worse, but there was not option to turn back. I continued on. Finally I got towards the end and that’s when I found live termites in the yellow balau hardwood decking bought from Southgate timber.

Of course I contacted mark Jennings of Southgate timber once again, and this time he simply didn’t reply to my emails. He just ignored me. So if you want to buy your decking wood from Southgate Timber, whatever you do, you must inspect the wood and collect it yourself. But then, who wants to do that? Surely we should be able to trust a supplier like Southgate timber to send out timber of a reasonable standard? And if by chance poor quality timber is sent by accident – then the company, in this case, Southgate timber should take responsibility and replace the timber or refund the cost to the customer?

In this instance it was very clear to me that Southgate timber intentionally sent me old and substandard stock, because they had paperwork to protect themselves against any returns.  I now have finished my decking and am stuck with it. The quality of the wood, which is riddle with pinworm is really disappointing, and the worst part of course is the live termites. Luckily having lived in Los Angeles I have some cans of termite spray which I am still using to inject into the timber and control the termite situation in this yellow Balau hardwood decking from Southgate Timber.