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Hi Lawrence & Victoria

It was a magical holiday. I wanted to say what a cool guy Husyein is.  He really looked after us.  There was a torrential downpour one day and as is the case with old houses (I live in a Victorian terraced house so I know) and water cascaded down the wall in the kitchen from the wooden joint in the ceiling.  We phoned Husyein and said “water” in Turkish (dodgy pronunciation from the back of Lonely Planet guide to Istanbul). He came over immediately, checked it out and was up sorting out the blocked downpipe, fixing the problem in no time at all.  We also had an island wide power cut and the boiler wouldn’t work afterwards – he came and got that sorted too. He’s a star! I have to say that we loved staying in your beautiful mansion.  You’ve done a wonderful job and I can see why you fell in love with the place.

All the best.


Cecconi’s Istanbul

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Following our recent visit to the newly opened Soho House in Istanbul, while visiting our holiday apartments on The Princes Islands; we couldn’t help but return to sample the foodie delights of the adjoining restaurant ‘Cecconi’s’. 
A favorite of ours from our London and LA travels, it seemed fitting we should go for third time lucky. And how lucky we were. This restaurant does not disappoint. Its Italian roots, and simple quality of dishes and produce are a constant winner with my Italian husband, who chose the 
Beef Tartare with Black Truffle, accompanied with the Spaghetti Lobster. Not the most usual selection to pair together, but he simply couldn’t decide. I choose the grilled octopus with shallots celery and olives, followed by lamb chops, artichokes and mint – WOW – a veritable sensory explosion, the taste, the smells, the colors – AMAZING. The food really was outstanding, as was the ambience and service, and when we next return to our holiday apartments, we will be stopping by to sample more from that mouth watering menu.
Amongst the other recommended top restaurants to visit this year (2016) is the Sofra London, and the Alancha, neither of which i have had the pleasure of eating at YET. But they are on our list, whether we get the chance to tick them off this year, who know’s, but we are going to give it a really good try.


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February Special Offer!

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To claim your 15% discount please quote ‘secret island’ when you make your booking! Offer ends 30th April.

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Istanbul City Break Guide

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Why go to Istanbul?

Without a doubt Istanbul just like, London, Paris and New York is one of the great must see city locations in the world and so writes Terry Richardson in The Telegraph

Telegraph Article

If you would like to visit Istanbul and stay somewhere a little different then look no further than Heybeliada and our holiday apartments, just 30 minutes by boat from Istanbul. We have three spacious and wonderfully ornate apartments, each with it’s own entrance, kitchen and bathroom. Our caretaker is available seven days a week and we have an English speaking manager that lives just a few doors along who can help with lots of insider local tips!

Soho House Istanbul

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Soho House header

A sign of the creative community and the impact that Istanbul now has as a big player in the creative world, the recently opened Soho House in the ultra cool Beyoglu district, is just another fantastic location for drinks with friends and colleagues after a hard day in the office, or on the film set.
This knockout building built in 1830 as the home of a wealthy Genoese merchant, later became the US consulate. The building has a remarkable Italian heritage, but the newly designed interior has more of a mid-century modern feel to it, catering to the young trendy and creative clientele.
Being in town for work as well as leisure, my colleague Tamer from Spark Film, took us to have a look around and share a few beers. Like the rest of the Soho Houses, this one is no exception. On the contrary, i think its the biggest project to date, but has all the style and quality of the original houses.
We went here for opening night and drank cocktails and met all kinds of cool people and then played table tennis long into the night.
The following day, we headed back to our Istanbul holiday apartment on the Islands – what a contrast and what a great memory. After a very cool evening spent with great people, it was the perfect place to relax, get over our headaches and take in the fresh air.
Jim & Hellen from London.

REVIEW # 6821

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The Talburt Family – Crambridgeshire

Dear Readers

This summer we had a truly wonderfully summer holiday with the perfect mix of culture and relaxation. We discovered a truly secret Island just off of Istanbul.We had been planning to visit the city for many years but there was always a debate in our family as there was a division between those that wanted to go to the beach and swim in the sea and sit in the sun with those of us who wanted to have a taste of something a little richer and more surprising.

Our plan was to spend 4 days in Istanbul and then travel south for a futher 8 days at a beach resort that we have visited in the past. However, during our loooooong debate period I did a small amount of research and stumble upon the site www.karamanyan.com and from there we found out all about the secret islands. It seemed to good to be true so we emailed the owners. They turned out to be a British couple that were living in Istanbul and indeed at the house and on the island for several years.

They told us all about the islands and it didn’t take long to convince the rest of the family to sign up! We stayed for two weeks and spent two nights in Istanbul. The rip was perfect. The Apartment was even more beautiful than the picture would lead you to believe. You have the perfect mix of excitement from the sprawling city and relaxation on the car free island. We would recommend these Istanbul Holiday Apartments to anyone that wants a city break and a relaxing holiday – you can’t beat it. And the price is really reasonable too – we’ve stayed in far more expensive places, the great aspect to The Karamanyan, is that you feel like you are in a historical building but it feels wonderfully modern and positive.

‘Palace’ feature’s The Karamanyan holiday apartments on Heybeliada in their piece on Istanbul

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Asia’s elite property & lifestyle magazine ‘Palace’ feature’s us in their piece on Istanbul.
The story talks about the new wave of sophistication and modernity that is sweeping its way across the City. As investors flock to get a piece of this fast growing market, travellers relish the opulence and trend led accommodation that is on offer in this glorious city and it’s secret – The Princes Islands. Thanks for visiting The Karamanyan holiday apartments!Feature Istanbul’s
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