Jxcycle review

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Should I buy a bike from Jxcycle?

To answer the question , ‘Should I buy a bike from Jxcycle?’ we need to look at several factors that lie behind the online façade.

Can I trust Jxcycle?

Think about why you are buying your Jxcycle Cargo Trike. Most probably it will be to carry around your children or other precious cargo. That being the case you need to be sure that the Jxcycle electric trike that you are buying is safe and reliable. So before you think about buying a bike from JXCycle it will be worth reading this article from start to finish and we try to answer the question – Should I buy a bike from Jxcycle?


  • Who is Jxcycle?

Who makes Jxcycle. Whilst the website would lead you to believe that this is a Dutch company, JXCycle is in fact a Chinese company. This is where the deception starts and as you can imagine this is not a good sign in terms of Jxcycle trustworthy and reliability. What this essentially means is that however good their product could be, you are dealing with a Chinese maker, supplier and aftersales team. So this leads us on to the following key questions, which will help you to make your decisions if you are thinking about buying a Jxcycle.

  • Does Jxcycle have good customer care ?

In our experience the customer care is almost non existent. We needed to order a new battery for our Jxcycle Electric Cargo Trike. We were told that they could not send the battery from China as it was considered dangerous goods. So we asked again and they said we should contact our local market Jxcycle dealer. We asked who is the Jxcycle dealer in the UK? Jxcycle customer service representative then told us that there are no Jxcycle dealers in the UK and that we could still use it as a pedal bike! To see the full transcript of this incredible conversation with Jxcycle sales team just see the bottom of this article.

  • What happens when my Jxcycle Battery is dead?

    You better start pedaling because as we already mentioned above, Jxcycle do not replace your dead battery. Let me just say that again…If you have used your Jxcycle and the battery is dead, lost, damaged or stolen, you will not be able to replace it. Jxcycle will not replace the battery for your electric Jxcycle bike. So if you are looking for a replacement battery for your Jxcycle cargo trike I’m afraid the news is very bad.

  • Should I buy a Jxcycle?

    Definitely do not buy an electric Jxcycle bike because you will not be able to replace the battery. Inevitably the Jxcycle battery will need to be replaced after a certain number of cycles but Jxcycle are not able to ship batteries separately from the bike shipment. The batteries cannot be sent by plane from China because they are hazardous and there are no suppliers in the UK.

  • Jxcycle scammers or real?

    Whilst Jxcycles are not scammers they certainly do not share with the customer certain key parts of information. Their Jxcycle electric bike range is great but only so long as it lasts. And seeing as they do not offer a battery replacement service, it is certainly not long enough.

  • Jxcycle Customer review

    Here is the conversation thread that we had when we tried to order a replacement battery and what lead us to write this Jxcycle review. We hope that potential Jxcycle customers will read this Jxcycle customer review and make an informed decision before spending a huge amount of money of a product which become worthless very quickly.

Customer service conversation: 

Ms Merry  |  Sales manager  |   Huaibei Jinxin Electric Bicycle Co., Ltd
 Tel: +86 0561 4173997  |  Mobile:0086 15852431447
 Wechat:Merry-4125   |   Whatsapp: +86 15852431447   |  Skype:Merry-23
 Facebook:                                                                                image

From: “” <>
Sent: Wednesday, 19 July 2017, 8:44
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Cargo Bike Details For Reference

I do not know.
You need ask your local market.
Ms Merry  |  Sales manager  |   Huaibei Jinxin Electric Bicycle Co., Ltd
 Tel: +86 0561 4173997  |  Mobile:0086 15852431447
 Wechat:Merry-4125   |   Whatsapp: +86 15852431447   |  Skype:Merry-23
 Facebook:                                                                                image
—————— Original ——————
From:  Lawrence Jacomelli <>
Send time:  Wednesday, July 19, 2017 03:39 PM
To: <>
Subject:  Re: Re: Re: Re: Cargo Bike Details For Reference
Where can i buy it in the UK??

From: “” <>
Sent: Wednesday, 19 July 2017, 8:28
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Cargo Bike Details For Reference

It is depend on you.
You could drive the bike without battery as pedal version.
Or you buy the battery in your local market.
Best Regards!
Ms Merry  |  Sales manager  |   Huaibei Jinxin Electric Bicycle Co., Ltd
 Tel: +86 0561 4173997  |  Mobile:0086 15852431447
 Wechat:Merry-4125   |   Whatsapp: +86 15852431447   |  Skype:Merry-23
 Facebook:                                                                                image

Top video production company great price

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Looking for a top video production company for a great price?


We had the great pleasure to work with beast video production company. We found them on Google by searching for ‘video production companies London’. They weren’t on first page but we kept flicking through and soon found them. Their website stood out amongst the rest, mainly because of the work they are showing but also because of the overall presentation of their website. It’s a very user friendly website and invites you to keep reading to find out why they are a top video production company and at a great price.


What makes Beast stand out from the top production companies list?


Beast offer creative development, as well as video production. This was perfect for us because we already had an idea of what we wanted to do and several references of the direction we wanted to go. Our taste and approach was very similar to most of the work on their showreel so we knew we would be in good hands. But it wasn’t until the first meeting where we met with Creative director Victoria Taylor and Director Lawrence Jacomelli that we really got to see their vision and approach would not only mirror our own ideas but raise them to a whole new level.


Our first meeting was all about sharing ideas and getting to know each other. It was a very relaxed and enjoyable experience. It didn’t feel at any moment that they were trying to rush us or that our project was just another video for them to put on their reel. It was clear from day one that they would put all of their time and energy into making our video production their top priority. And as a top video production company London; it was really inspiring to think that they were willing and able to do this with our video. We didn’t have the smallest budget but it certainly wasn’t huge, but their approach was perfectly professional.


Regarding the budget, if you are looking for a top video production company for less, then just call Beast. Beast asked us in our first meeting ‘how much do you want to spend?’ They gave us some indications about the varying costs for different videos they had produced and this helped to give us an idea of what we could expect and what we should be ready to spend on this, our first content production. So after we gave them a figure they then came back with a final script, treatment and plan for our content production. It really was as simple as that. We signed off the production and then began the preparation.


Beast kept us in the loop the whole way feeding through propositions for locations and actors too. Finally everything was presented to us in a document called a pre-production – meeting booklet. We had a final meeting with them to discuss all the final details and to give our final approval. Everything was very similar in the PPM booklet to the treatment, so we had a very good idea about what to expect when we agreed the project and then before shooting we could see that everything we had been promised was now about to be delivered.


The shooting itself took them two days and our team was able to attend at the end of the second day. The mood on set was extremely relaxed but efficient, everyone knew their role and there was no waiting around between set-ups. The camera never stopped rolling. It was amazing. Film sets are notorious for being sleepy hollows with moments of action and drama. We had one interruption when it started to rain, but our amazing video production company London kept on rolling. Setting the camera to high-speed they took full advantage of the conditions and filmed our actors running from the rain and taking cover, laughing, as they get soaked. This turned out to be one of the best scenes in the film. And in the end, the team thanked us for giving them the creative freedom to ‘just get on with it’. We realized that without knowing it, Beast had gained our trust and it had paid off big time, the results of their video production was much more impressive and in depth than their original treatment. We had no idea this would be possible and are delighted to recommend Beast production company London to anyone wanting to make creative digital content production for less.

Cecconi’s Istanbul

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Following our recent visit to the newly opened Soho House in Istanbul, while visiting our holiday apartments on The Princes Islands; we couldn’t help but return to sample the foodie delights of the adjoining restaurant ‘Cecconi’s’. 
A favorite of ours from our London and LA travels, it seemed fitting we should go for third time lucky. And how lucky we were. This restaurant does not disappoint. Its Italian roots, and simple quality of dishes and produce are a constant winner with my Italian husband, who chose the 
Beef Tartare with Black Truffle, accompanied with the Spaghetti Lobster. Not the most usual selection to pair together, but he simply couldn’t decide. I choose the grilled octopus with shallots celery and olives, followed by lamb chops, artichokes and mint – WOW – a veritable sensory explosion, the taste, the smells, the colors – AMAZING. The food really was outstanding, as was the ambience and service, and when we next return to our holiday apartments, we will be stopping by to sample more from that mouth watering menu.
Amongst the other recommended top restaurants to visit this year (2016) is the Sofra London, and the Alancha, neither of which i have had the pleasure of eating at YET. But they are on our list, whether we get the chance to tick them off this year, who know’s, but we are going to give it a really good try.

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February Special Offer!

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To claim your 15% discount please quote ‘secret island’ when you make your booking! Offer ends 30th April.

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Istanbul City Break Guide

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Why go to Istanbul?

Without a doubt Istanbul just like, London, Paris and New York is one of the great must see city locations in the world and so writes Terry Richardson in The Telegraph

Telegraph Article

If you would like to visit Istanbul and stay somewhere a little different then look no further than Heybeliada and our holiday apartments, just 30 minutes by boat from Istanbul. We have three spacious and wonderfully ornate apartments, each with it’s own entrance, kitchen and bathroom. Our caretaker is available seven days a week and we have an English speaking manager that lives just a few doors along who can help with lots of insider local tips!

Soho House Istanbul

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Soho House header

A sign of the creative community and the impact that Istanbul now has as a big player in the creative world, the recently opened Soho House in the ultra cool Beyoglu district, is just another fantastic location for drinks with friends and colleagues after a hard day in the office, or on the film set.
This knockout building built in 1830 as the home of a wealthy Genoese merchant, later became the US consulate. The building has a remarkable Italian heritage, but the newly designed interior has more of a mid-century modern feel to it, catering to the young trendy and creative clientele.
Being in town for work as well as leisure, my colleague Tamer from Spark Film, took us to have a look around and share a few beers. Like the rest of the Soho Houses, this one is no exception. On the contrary, i think its the biggest project to date, but has all the style and quality of the original houses.
We went here for opening night and drank cocktails and met all kinds of cool people and then played table tennis long into the night.
The following day, we headed back to our Istanbul holiday apartment on the Islands – what a contrast and what a great memory. After a very cool evening spent with great people, it was the perfect place to relax, get over our headaches and take in the fresh air.
Jim & Hellen from London.

REVIEW # 6821

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The Talburt Family – Crambridgeshire

Dear Readers

This summer we had a truly wonderfully summer holiday with the perfect mix of culture and relaxation. We discovered a truly secret Island just off of Istanbul.We had been planning to visit the city for many years but there was always a debate in our family as there was a division between those that wanted to go to the beach and swim in the sea and sit in the sun with those of us who wanted to have a taste of something a little richer and more surprising.

Our plan was to spend 4 days in Istanbul and then travel south for a futher 8 days at a beach resort that we have visited in the past. However, during our loooooong debate period I did a small amount of research and stumble upon the site and from there we found out all about the secret islands. It seemed to good to be true so we emailed the owners. They turned out to be a British couple that were living in Istanbul and indeed at the house and on the island for several years.

They told us all about the islands and it didn’t take long to convince the rest of the family to sign up! We stayed for two weeks and spent two nights in Istanbul. The rip was perfect. The Apartment was even more beautiful than the picture would lead you to believe. You have the perfect mix of excitement from the sprawling city and relaxation on the car free island. We would recommend these Istanbul Holiday Apartments to anyone that wants a city break and a relaxing holiday – you can’t beat it. And the price is really reasonable too – we’ve stayed in far more expensive places, the great aspect to The Karamanyan, is that you feel like you are in a historical building but it feels wonderfully modern and positive.