ISTANBUL – Voted the world’s most popular tourist destination in 2014 by respected travel website, TripAdvisor, Turkey’s largest tourist destination enjoys a reputation as a true melting pot of styles, cultures and characters, all coming together to create a memorable experience for its thousands upon thousands of visitors. A city where Asian influences meet European traditions, where ancient architecture sits comfortably alongside modern chic, and where every road, every building and every landmark comes complete with its own fascinating history, Istanbul is already well renowned for city breaks that really go above and beyond the norm.

Scattered across the Euro-Asian border, you’ll find the remains of the Ottoman Empire – the grand Aya Sofya, the glorious Topkapı Palace, and the awe-inspiring Süleymaniye Mosque- all sitting comfortably alongside busy street markets, trendy bars, modern stores and bazaars crammed with an assortment of treasures. Swept up in the excitement, you’ll be powerless to resist the richness of daily life in Istanbul, where calls for morning prayer play out like enchanting melodies, the smooth aromas of local delicacies linger in the hot air, and the striking scenery all combine to create a veritable feast for the senses.