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The Talburt Family – Crambridgeshire

Dear Readers

This summer we had a truly wonderfully summer holiday with the perfect mix of culture and relaxation. We discovered a truly secret Island just off of Istanbul.We had been planning to visit the city for many years but there was always a debate in our family as there was a division between those that wanted to go to the beach and swim in the sea and sit in the sun with those of us who wanted to have a taste of something a little richer and more surprising.

Our plan was to spend 4 days in Istanbul and then travel south for a futher 8 days at a beach resort that we have visited in the past. However, during our loooooong debate period I did a small amount of research and stumble upon the site and from there we found out all about the secret islands. It seemed to good to be true so we emailed the owners. They turned out to be a British couple that were living in Istanbul and indeed at the house and on the island for several years.

They told us all about the islands and it didn’t take long to convince the rest of the family to sign up! We stayed for two weeks and spent two nights in Istanbul. The rip was perfect. The Apartment was even more beautiful than the picture would lead you to believe. You have the perfect mix of excitement from the sprawling city and relaxation on the car free island. We would recommend these Istanbul Holiday Apartments to anyone that wants a city break and a relaxing holiday – you can’t beat it. And the price is really reasonable too – we’ve stayed in far more expensive places, the great aspect to The Karamanyan, is that you feel like you are in a historical building but it feels wonderfully modern and positive.

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